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Margot y Jean-Claude (FR)

Avec mon mari nous sommes enchantés de nos deux semaines de cours . Toute l équipe de Hola est très sympathique et professionnelle .Muchas gracias Margot er Jean-Claude.

John (UK)

I’ve been very happy with the course and Alicia’s teaching.

Nicholas (UK)

Jara is an excellent teacher She went at just the right pace and gave me confidence as a beginner. I will be back soon to carry on!

Nick (United Kingdom)

Hola is an excellent school. David and Maria are really good. Excellent course materials, very organised and structured course.

Valery (USA)

My husband and I had a great time at Hola!, I got to practice my rusty Spanish and made some new friends. Thank you!

Alice (Hungary)

Yolanda is very kind and has good sense of humor. She teaches very well. I really like this school.

Klaus (Germany)

Perfect combination between grammar and conversation. Fun lessons. Excellent teachers. Will come back.

Patrick (Ireland)

Great school and Merche is a fantastic teacher. I didn’t believe that I could learn so much in 2 weeks. ¡Gracias!

Tilly (UK)

Enjoyed going for tortilla! Meeting other learners of all levels and ordering food in Spanish!

Valentina (Italia)

Great experience at Hola! Wonderful teacher. I enjoyed the lessons very much and also the visit to the museum. I am surprised to see how much I learnt in 1 week!